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Even Skin Tone

A dermatologically tested Even Skin Tone range that is formulated with over 98% natural ingredients. Suitable for sensitive skin with 0% parabens, 0% petrochemicals, 0% Fragrance and 0% SLS. Enhanced with Vitamin B3 which has the ability to fight acne, ageing, water loss and discoloration.


Acne Treatment

Effective prevention of skin problems by cleaning the skin and pores, removing the excess of serum and helping to maintain the equilibrium between moisture and oiliness. Kalahari Melon will ensure the skin is nourished with essential amino acids and vitamins such as Citrulline, protecting the skin against harsh environmental conditions.


A premium range that is formulated with natural ingredients to improve skin elasticity, keeps skin supple and youthful, improves penetration of antioxidants, alleviates dry, scaly and flaky skin, improves cell regeneration and is ideal to use on eczema or sensitive skin.